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Household Appliances Manufacturing Company (HAMCO) is a private engineering manufacturing company that was established in 1978 with the aim of providing first class white goods for the local and international markets.

HAMCO’s domestic refrigerators and freezers production line is a fully-equipped facility that ensures all production steps, from steel sheet and plastic forming, insulation, network assembly and everything in between have been carried out according to customers’ expectations.

Constantly working towards maximizing clients’ benefits, be it by increasing product’s performance, lowering costs or simply improving on appearance, HAMCO continually strives to optimize its factory floor’s abilities in tandem with its R&D Department.

Quality control ensures strict conformance to set standards using the necessary tools to maintain a consistent high degree of confidence that all products leaving the warehouse will satisfy their new owners for many years to come.

Environmental issues are taken seriously as part of the responsible attitude that makes efficient use of resources. As a result, HAMCO is constantly reviewing material usage and work on reducing our environmental impact.

Using state of the art manufacturing lines and methods, HAMCO ensures customer satisfaction as a culmination of all the production steps. From wires, screws, plastic granules, steel sheets and insulating material to the birth of the final product, every step of the way is fine tuned to meet customers’ expectations.

HAMCO brings you the luxury and comfort, together with the practical benefits of today’s technologies to your home.

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